Mobile Apps for your Active Enjoyment Marine Chimer

MoonCBook Reservation & Admin Suite is available for your company right now as a customised app and hosted backend.


The app is in principle free to download and use/explore/train - Enjoy! 

However to actually sell real seats you will need it customised with your logo, a connection to your payment provider and removal of the trial and “no actual booking/payment will take place” warnings.


For legal reasons we will create a special single company version of the app that can be downloaded/sold under your own brand name and that will connect to a database only containing your company’s data.


 Initial costs will depend on the amount of customization and we remind that any  such changes beyond the basic package will increase the annual maintenance costs.  It will also depend on the planned size of your fleet and number of annual customers.


Pricing Sample:

Single site location / shared server / no onsite visits.

Setup costs: 30.- per seat.

(10 units of 50 seats: 15k

5 units of 120 seats: 18k)

Running costs: 0.10 per seat sold

Annual maintenance including common  upgrades: 25% of setup.

 Running localization: tba per project based on of general use, or very company specific.

All prices in Euros.



Extra’s available:

Dedicated hardware

Dual site failover backend

Extra module development

User Admin access maintenance

Additional languages.



Halve the setup costs are due on signing of contract. The second half will be due before go-live.

Running costs are due monthly before the end of the following month, and maintenance costs are due every anniversary of go-live date.

There will be no project start or go-live before appropriate payments are made.


We recommend that you size your initial installation for at least 3 years growth due to significant expansion could mean downtime. And if you outgrow the spec within 2 years there will be additional setup charges due. After the 2 years growth will just be reflected in the monthly running costs and annual maintenance charge.


The prices quoted ate based on us delivering a complete branded, signed and obfuscated compiled app to you, that you then upload to your own Google Play and App Store accounts. If you want us to set up and maintain app accounts in your name there will be an extra 25% added to the costs.

If we  administer the app accounts we take an additional 25% split from the app’s ad revenue, and the rest will  go towards covering part of your monthly bill.



No source codes or layout of apps or backend will be divulged and they remain our property.

If you at a future point decide to discontinue your use of the MoonCBook app and want the data extracted in csv format (our spec), there will be a charge of 40% of the installation costs of a similar installation of the then size.


Email for further details.



Price sample quoted of

20 units x 50 seats / 5 units of 200 seats or equivalent, are a minimum spec (fee)  for a standalone branded app. 

Smaller operators (down to single bus size) can in future be accommodated in a multi-company app. Like the one demoed, but without the no actual booking warnings. And with actual payments routed to your accounts on a general use payment systems like PayPal and Stripe or similar.