Mobile Apps for your Active Enjoyment


MarineAwake keep awake Bridge Timer for sailors and ships bridges. Schedule repeated alarms and step-up notifications by phone call/sms/email, to ensure the watch crew is awake and alert. Regular button/screen press needed to signal alert and awareness.



MarineLoggerPlus is a recording device for when you are out sailing.  Records speed, distance, time, position  storing the data in a file for mapping or your later studies.  Can store your position on the web for others to follow.  Maps position of friends, individually or all together,

for you to find.



Chiming clock app w/watch(shift)display, that chimes according to watch progress. Displays Ships Time, GMT/UTC and Local Time.

Adjustable watch patterns.

New: Your Watch wake-up and chiming for when you are crewing.


For the people who like to sail and go to sea, we have MarineChimer that looks after your watch pattern and keeps you awake by halve hourly chiming,. Or the egg-timer –like MarineAwake where you can adjust the alarm pattern and which will warn others via phone call/sms/email if you fail to react . 

We also have MarineLogger which records how fast you are sailing, in what direction, and draws your travelled route on a map as a memory/keepsake which you can show off in the pub/club afterwards.


Marine Apps

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