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Privacy Statement

We will not deliberately divulge your data to a third party, unless ordered to do so by the relevant authorities.


MarineChimer donít collect any data.† It just need to connect over the internet to check that you have a valid license.

Chats collects no clear data except for default data request logs for a web-server.† Even the registration is in encrypted form.


JoggerLogger, ActionReporter and† MarineLoggerPlus records the data locally on your device.†

They could potentially use your position data in serving you ads.†

JoggerLoggerPro, ActionReporter,† MarineLoggerPlus and GroupTracker gives you the option of recording your position data to our website, tied to your phones IMEI number.† This so you, and/or others you give the link and passcode to, can see it.† This upload is a feature you control and turn on and off in the† settings / preferences.† As default it is off, except in the program GroupTracker where it is on.

We will only give this passcode for the web-tracking to the email address that you originally bought JoggerLoggerPro, ActionReporter, MarineLoggerPlus or GroupTracker with.† (The one Google had registered for your account when you did the purchase)


WannaPubCrawl and WannaGreet store all their data on a website.† WannaPubCrawl has a public† option where data of a public event is available to see† for all users of the app.


LoopDeLoop do not per se have a web storage part. It will register your device number† with us if you purchase the Pro option, and it checks this registry via our website at start-up.