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Record your music and play along to it just like Ed Sheeran. The LoopDeLoop recording looper let you record musical parts and then play them on a synced  loop that you can play along to live.

Perfect for sample; practising your guitar. You put on a simple base/rhythm  line and then play the tune along to it, forcing you to keep up with the rhythm, and training you in playing along with others.

Will let you record up to 8 different loops for each song/tune (2 in free). And as many songs as you like (3 in free). Each loop can be as long as you like, sample a full verse, making it into a Mini Daw with a recording made up of up to 8 different instruments/voices or a combination.


Android Manual

iPhone Manual


Download LoopDeLoop free from the following links:


Android version free from Google Play


iOs version free from Apple App Store


Android version free from Amazon


Multilingual, adjustable to: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hindu and Arabic.


You can record and rerecord each loop as many times as you like, and create many different songs/tunes so you can store and replay the loops at a later time.

LoopDeLoop offers stereo/mono recording, selectable Sample Rate, Loop naming, loop specific volume control and adjustable loop start synchronisation


Recorded files extractable by using a file manager like My Files and accessing:

(Deleting or editing files may cause LoopDeLoop to error. If this happens, delete all the files in this directory and start over)








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