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Manual iPhone

Main Page

Here you see the main page / info display.  It tells you the:

Ships Time,

GMT/UTC time,

Local Time (as of your phone)

Current position if available (as of your phone)

Day of the week (Ships Time),

Date (Ships Time)

What is the  current watch,

Watch Leader / Names on Watch

(freetext area) 

A graphical display of watch(shift) progress


This page has 3 buttons at the bottom. 

“Settings” will bring you to a page for adjusting:

- First Watch start time.

- Length in hours of each watch/shift

- No of watches/shifts

- Ships Time offset to GMT/UTC

- Names of Watch Leaders or all people on watch

- Chimer on / off

“Watches” will give you a list of watches and times for each watch / shift

“Service” indicates that  it schedules  notifications that will keep the bells chiming even after the screen times out or you move to a different app.    

If pressed again it will change to “Stopped”, disabling the background service.