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for your Active Enjoyment Marine Chimer

If you want to monitor your drift from a set point this app tells you when you reach the adjustable limit you have set.


 AnchorWatch by warns you when you are more than a set distance from your starting point. If you sample set the limit to a 50 meter radius of your starting point, you mark your point when you drop your anchor by a simple button press and then the app tells you with a chime when you are more than that distance from their. When you move inside the 50 meter distance it stops warning.

It also displays the anchoring point as a blue marker on a map or satellite photo, and with a green radius ring around that marker. Current position is displayed as a green point that turns red if outside the green allowed drift ring.



Find it now:

For Android: from Google Play


iPhone/iPad from Apple App Store



Android Manual

iPhone/iPad Manual



Multilingual, adjustable to: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Hindi and Arabic.


Distance allowed is adjustable from 10 meters to unlimited. Distance can be set in metric or imperial measurements; in meters, kilometres, yards or miles.

Simple adjustments, mark, start and stop buttons



All positioning operates only locally on your device.

We upload when a user open the app and in what language, but only so we can get an estimate of total usage of the app of all users and what languages are useful. Uploaded data are always anonymized. We never upload your position, neither home nor current, and whether or not you keep within the limits. 



WARNING: This app is completely dependant on your device, should be used for information only and is not to be depended on for the safety of yourself or your vessel.








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