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Create Event

This is where you create your events.


An event will minimum have to have a name, pascode, location, some detail and something in the date field.  (The combination event-name and event passcode must be unique as well as the combination of event-name and event-location must be unique)


You do not have to give a set date for your event if sample it is a unspecific or recurring event just write n/a.


You can inform  whether this event has a cost.


You can make your event public (ticked) or private (public not ticked).

Private events are only visible to you and they you send invites to.


There are 4 lines for giving details about the event (on the screenshot all marked to the right with a button named *) 


After you have filled in all the information you want to spread about your invent, press the button marked Create Now.


If the event was successfully created you will be brought on to the page Event Invites. 


If you have already created 3 events, you will be brought on to a page where you are asked to contribute 99 cents to create another event.  After you have agreed to pay on Google Play, press Create Now again. 

PS: If you do not pay, or cancel your payment, and still succeed in creating an event, it will be deleted without notification and you will be blacklisted.