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On our Download page Android users will find the latest versions of our free apps, and faster than in the app stores of Google, Samsung or Amazon.



MoonCBook Reservations Suite is the worlds first

Reservations/Operations/Crewing/Helpdesk and Customer Service multi company system rolled into a single app for both staff, customers. and training.



Chiming clock app w/shift display, that chimes/rings/beep/squeaks/barks



MarineAwake keep awake Bridge Timer for sailors and ships bridges. Schedule repeated alarms and step-up notifications to ensure the watch crew is awake and alert. Regular button press needed to signal alert and awareness.



Boms card game, also called President , for 2,3 or 4 players. Set up your own game and invite others, or create/join a random game. Game creator will do the mixing of the cards and the dealing.

There is league-tables so you can see how you are doing compared to other players.††



A Looping app that let you record live† and then play back any form of sound. Allows multiple synced loop recordings. Perfect if you sample want to practice playing in sync with others or multiple layers by yourself.† Put down a base/rhythm layer at any speed you want, then play it back and play your instrument live in sync to it. Works like a Guitar Looping Pedal but gives you the alternative for recording and playing up to 8 simultaneous loops.†



Records all your data of distance, time, speed, altitude, inclination, gforce and position for your later studies.† Allows you to graph† your speed/altitude/gforce or map your taken route instantly.

Report instantly on your activities posting your achievements to social media like Facebook with the press of a single button.



MarineLoggerPlus is a recording device for when you are out sailing.† Records speed, distance, time, position† storing the data in a file for mapping or your later studies.† Stores your position on the web for others to access.† Maps position of friends, individually or all together.



Chiming clock app w/watch(shift)display, that chimes according to watch progress. Displays Ships Time, GMT/UTC and Local Time.

Adjustable watch pattern.

New: Your Watch wake up and chiming

for when you are crewing.



JoggerLogger is a recording device for when you are out walking, jogging or running.† Records speed, distance, time, position and calculates approximate number of KCal burned adjusted for your bodyweight, storing these data in a file for your later studies, or download.

Pro version adds automatic lap counter, delayed start function, position registration and group tracking.



Track your friends/family/fleet or anything else that can carry a mobile that has GroupTracker installed.

Own passcode lets you decide who seeís your position and when.

Have you ever lost your wife out shopping, with GroupTracker you can find her when you choose.



Event Organizer that helps you spread the word about your event, invites your friends and keeps track of who has accepted and who has declined your invitation.† For private and public/open events.



Greeter/Scheduler that lets you prearrange† automated messages that is sent on the day of somebodyís birthday or other memorable event.† Lets you create Greeting Lists where several get the same message, but individually.



Encrypted messenger where you create the encryption/decryption code.† This is for them who donít want their messages read by 3írd parties.† ChatS does not use a centrally stored key.† All communication is done in encrypted form.† Easy to use with separate encryption/decryption keys for each contact.† Easy reply function.† You can create Groups where all use the same encryption/decryption keys and see all the messages sent to the group.† Contact Lists for sets of individual recipients.




Which App is for me ?


If you are a walker, jogger or runner and interested in the amount of calories you burn,† JoggerLogger is your choice.†

If your running is on track you will want JoggerLoggerPro due to its automatic laptimer/lapcounter.† It will also give you maps and tracking for they who run in a group or outside the beaten track.


If you are a cyclist, in a car or like to climb mountains ActionReporter is your choice.† It includes altitude and inclination display so you know if that practise hill is of Tour De France standard.


If you are an aspiring musician that needs to practise playing in sync, or is getting into recording your music, LoopDeLoop will let be your own band.† It does, what most guitarists knows, it takes an expensive set of Looping Pedals to do.


For the people who like to sail and go to sea, we have MarineChimer that looks after your watch pattern and keeps you awake.† We also have MarineLogger which records how fast you are sailing, in what direction, and draws your chosen route on a map which you can show off in the pub/club afterwards.


If you are looking to track the whereabouts of† your friends/family/fleet/trucks JoggerLoggerPro, ActionReporter and MarineLogger has tracking facilities for up to 8.† If you just want tracking or want to track more than 8 from the one device we have created GroupTracker.† GroupTracker also lets you test out tracking at least a month before you decide to purchase.


If you sometimes forget people on their day, or are just a very busy person,†† WannaGreet is your tool.† You can setup personalised scheduled greetings, or other types of messages, that is sent on the date and time you select even if your phone/device is turned off or just out of coverage.† And if you are arranging the party WannaPubCrawl will help you organise,† spread the details about the event and invite everybody.

If you are worried about others snooping on your conversations, companies utilizing your data for marketing or just think certain agencies should keep their nose out of innocent peoples conversations, then ChatS is for your.† Or ChatSy if you want to be extra secure,† with no adís whatsoever.


If you just want to spend some time try our new game Boms. It is a very popular card game for all the family, or just you playing random strangers.

Apps / Products

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