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MoonCBook Reservations Suite is

the worlds first

Reservations/Operations/Crewing/Finance/Yield/Helpdesk and Customer Service multi-company system rolled into a single app for both staff, customers. and training

that you can play with for free.


A system for managing most aspects of an Airline. From scheduling via pricing to selling seats.

Staffing, monitoring progress, communicating with customers and delighting in the financial results.

Can also be used for other companies that transport people, like ferries or buses.


In this app you can study and interact with the samples of

MoonCAir / MoonCFerry / MoonCBus

or create your own company with you as the Chief and have full access to all modules of the program.


Created by the team behind the systems of a low cost as it expanded from a small entity with no web presence to the worlds largest international airline.


Find it now:

Android: Free from Google Play

iOs: Free from Apple App Store

Amazon: Free from Amazon



Android Manual

iPhone/iPad Manual


Multilingual prepared.

Currently: English, Norwegian.

Other languages can easily be added by request.


YouTube videos:

MoonCBook complete

MoonCBook for customers

MoonCBook for Airline staff


There are modules for Customers (finding/booking/check-in/assistance), Customer Service (queries/reschedule/refunds), Ground Operations (check-in/bags/boarding/status update), Crewing (planning/updating/auto tracking), Operations (progress/status monitoring), Scheduling, yield (pricing/revenue), Finance (income reports) and IT/Admin functions (helpdesk, access admin)



After seeing what the app can do you might want to use it for your own startup or current small to medium company..

We are ready to expand with you. And the app is† scaled for size so will suit your needs even if you grow into the largest in the business and beyond.


You will find an example of what that would entail and a sample of costs involved on our Pricing page.

When you are ready to talk you can find our contact details under†

Contact Us



MoonCBook is a Reservation System in a single app that including Customer Booking and Check In and a suite of additional modules for Customer Communication, Internal Helpdesk, Scheduling, Crewing and Operations,† with some added features as† Automated Progress Reporting via gps tracking thrown in for good measure.

All in the 1 app for both your staff and your customers available for both Android and iOs (iPhone/iPad).


WARNING: As a reservation system any data entered will be stored in a backend and cannot be purged by a user due to financial legislation and system traceability. A customer reservation system will have all itís data stored with and the raw data will be stored in one or more† designated hosting centers, possibly with a third party. The data is used for the purpose of the app, what you see is what we have. By using the app you approve of† the use of the data you enter.


Reservations Suite