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Notify Page

This is the Notifications page of MarineAwake.  Here you can set up 2 to notify when Alarm has gone off and no one has reacted.


There is fields for Name, Mobile number and Email address.

To the right there is buttons for whether to contact number: No/Sms/Call and whether to send email.


If you enter a Ships name, this will be used in Sms and Email, as will Contact Name.



This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


“Exit” will bring you to the previous  page without saving the settings


“Manual” brings you to this page of the Boms manual on the website.


-”-/NonAd” If a button displays the word NonAd, when you press it , it brings you to a page where you can purchase the iap NonAd Remove Ads. This feature removes the ads from the MarineAwake app.


-“Save” let you save and activate the new settings if you have purchased the Plus option.


If there earlier is entered a Password, this pascode must be entered again in order to change the settings.



If you have set number option to “Call”, the alarm will silence while the device is calling. When the call is completed, the alarm will resume if the recipient answers the call and then hangs up = when call is completed.



Due to the limitations of iPhone/iPad to run apps in the background, the Plus version Notifications will only work if you run your app visibly. It will still sound warnings and alarms via notifications, and send the last triggered MarineAwake Notify when it  is opened again, but as an alarm system to call up a sample standby bridge officer if nobody is reacting to the alarm, that will not work while in background mode.

If you are looking for a MarineAwake that can notify via sms, email and phone call while in background mode you should look at running it on an Android device.













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