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Marine Chimer Manual WinPhone

Settings Page

Here you see the settings page where you can change the core  values:


First Watch start time.


Valid Values = 01:00 to 08:00


Length in hours of each watch/shift (default = 4)

Selectable Range = 1 to 6


No of watches/shifts (default=3)

Selectable Range = 1 to 4


Ships Time offset to GMT/UTC  (default=1)

Selectable Range = -12 to +12


Names of Watch Leaders or all people on watch. This is a freetext area.


You select values by highlighting them.  The highlight is according to your phones default color scheme.  This example has the red scheme selected.


This page has 3 buttons at the bottom:


“Save” will apply all the selected values to the current running MainPage, and then bring you back to it.  It will from version 2.0 also save your selection regarding ScrnSaver/PwrSaver/Scrn On and whether you have selected Chimer On or Off or just the single watch chiming.


“Watches” will give you a list of watches and times for each watch / shift.

This page will also give you access to the Marine Chimer manual website.


“Chimer On” will change to “Chimer Off” if pressed, and will stop the ringing of the halve hourly bells.

You can also set it to chime only on your watch by choosing “Watch 1”, “Watch 2”, “Watch 3” or “Watch 4”

It will then give a 15 minute warning before your watch starts, give the full end bell of the last watch, chime and chime the rest of your watch as normal.  Then sleep until your next watch.


“Cancel” will bring you back to the Main Page without saving the selected values. 



The Screen Saver is still running from the Main Page, so if it activates while you are on the Settings Page, just hit your phones back button (<-)


MarineChimer disables your normal screen timeout