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SellFull Page

This is the MarineChimer SellFull Page:


If you want to change the settings and save them you will require the   Full version of MarineChimer


The Full version will also automatically schedule notifications for the next 24 hours, instead of the free versions 12 hours. Meaning you only have to open MarineChimer once every 24 hours to keep it chiming.


After you press the “Find it now on iTunes” button you will be asked by iTunes to confirm your purchase.

After you have confirmed it, exit out of the purchase page and retry your previous action (save the settings).

If, for some reason, you are brought back to this page, close your app and restart it and try again.

If it is still not working, press the “Restore Purchase” button and then Exit—Try again—close app— open app—try again.

If still problems, contact by email to



There are 2 further buttons at the bottom of this screen:


Exit: Brings you to the previous page/screen.


Manual: Brings you to this page in the manual.



The Full feature purchase follows the account so if you have changed device or it for some other reason are not working, you can restore a previous purchase by pressing the “Purchase Restore” button.


MarineChimer Full is a one off purchase, giving you this access as long as we are in business.