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†Manual iPhone



This registration page will only pop up the first time you open ChatS and until you have successfully registered:


You are here creating your login.† You will need to enter your own choice of preferred:

Display Name



(The only one of these you need to remember is your Password, the rest is stored for you in encrypted form on your mobile/cell/device and can be displayed on the settings page)


The Display Name you give to your friends to be entered into their ChatS† It is to be used as the Contact Name when your friends register you as a contact (and vice versa)† and is used as the from name for any messages you send.


You will also need to enter a Password that is used to both control access to your ChatS and† as an encryption key for data stored on your mobile/cell/device.†

You have the option to save your password but this is not recommended.


You can change language by pressing the button in this sample marked EN.† It will cycle through the available languages, and eventually back to EN again.† Stop when you see the one you prefer.† Language choices are as follow:

EN: English

NO: Norwegian

DA: Danish

SWE: Swedish

DE: German

FR: French

IT: Italian

ES: Spanish

PT: Portuguese

NL: Dutch

CHN: Chinese traditional

PL: Polish

RU: Russian

JPN: Japanese

HIN: Hindi

ARA: Arabic



After filling in and selecting your choices, press Register Now.

If you where successful, it will give an message saying so and the Register Now button will change to Exit Now†

You can then start using ChatS by creating your first contact (In Contacts)† and composing your first message in Sent Messages



You canít change your login name, but you can abandon your registration and register again Just by selecting Create Login on the login page.


All your data is stored locally on your device in encrypted form.