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Loop Page

This is the LoopDeLoop Loop Page:


This is where you record / play your loops.

First time you arrive and you press the big  Record/Play button it will automatically start recording the first loop. When you press the big Record/Play  button again to stop the recording it will automatically start playing the loop, or record the next loop, if you have more unrecorded loops, and at the same time playing the first loop.

Recording of the second loop will automatically stop when the first loop has finished playing. (This is what we mean with Equally Sized Loops on the Settings Page)

It will then go on to record the next loop while the 2 first are playing and so on until no more loops needs recording.

It continuous playing is selected, the loops will play until you press the big record./play button



There is some coloring to help you:


Loop buttons are either:

Light Blue(Cyan) = needs recording

Green = recorded and available

Red = recorded but deactivated

Grey = not selected


The big Record/Play button changes between:

Red = Record

Green = Play (no more to record)



You can rerecord loops by pressing the loop button until it turns Light Blue again.


Exit: Brings you back to the Main Menu


Manual: Brings you to this page of the LoopDeLoop manual


Settings: Brings you to a page where you can change the recording quality options and playback options like type and volume. 


Loop 1/All: Let you choose whether to replay all previously recorded loops during recording of new ones, or just Loop1.



After you have recorded the first loop, it will play back while you are recording later loops. This is so you can synchronize the recordings.


If you have the bottom right “playback while recording” button set to “All”, We do not recommend the recording of more than 2 to 3 loops, without using headphones or earplugs to hear the playback while recording, since the feedback can/will ruin the takes.

Alternatively the same button can limit the playback to just Loop 1 during recording.


Playback volume is best regulated by the normal volume buttons on your device.

The volume of a loop relative to the other loops can be regulated by the volume buttons provided on the settings page.