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Settings Page

This is the settings page of MarineAwake. Here you see a list of the adjustable times in minutes that makes MarineAwake fully customizable.


- “Minutes between button press” is the time in minutes you want MarineAwake to sleep before it’ chimes its first  warning  of a single bell.


- “Minutes to warning” is the time in minutes it waits before it chimes its final warning of a double bell.


- “Minutes to alarm” is the time in minutes it waits before it sets off an alarm of a constantly chiming bell.


- “Minutes to notification 1” is the time in minutes it waits before it sends a notification to the first contact (Plus option only).


- “Minutes to notification 2” is the time in minutes it waits before it sends a notification to the second contact (Plus option only).



This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


“Exit” will bring you to the previous  page without saving the settings


“Manual” brings you to this page of the Boms manual on the website.


-”Notify” brings you to the Notfy page that lets you set or update the notifications for when Alarm is not acknowledged - Plus option only


-“Save” let you save and activate the new settings


If there earlier is entered a PasCode, this pascode must be entered again in order to change the settings. Sample if there is more than one user and the skipper don’t want  anybody messing with them.

If you leave this field blank, you can change the settings without entering it each time.


If you forget your password, you need to start over by exiting MarineAwake, opening a File Manager and delete the Settings File found under


Then opening Boms again and adjust the settings (and notifications) to your requirements. And you can set a new PasCode if required.


If the SettingsFile is deleted, there will be a time-stamped notification in the Log that a new one was created. If you open the Log, and there isn’t at least 1, you know somebody has been messing.


If you don’t want a Password anymore, you have to delete the Settings file and start over.


Volume is controlled by your phone’s normal volume settings under the device Settings.















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