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Marine Chimer Manual Android

Known Issues

If you get an error on startup, mess up the stored settings, or just want the default values back, delete the  MarineChimerSettingsFile1.txt file.


If at the end of a leap year you are running MarineChimer over New Years eve, it will be necessary, after midnight, to go into settings and press save, for MarineChimer to recalculate the watch values.


We recommend running the app using the phone at normal text size.




The volume of the chiming is controlled by the normal volume buttons of your device. Press volume up on your device then press the 3 dots and adjust the volume for “Media” (second from left) to desired level.


To ensure continuous background running on later versions of Android you will have to open; Android Settings - Battery and device care - Battery - Background usage limits - Never sleeping apps - and add MarineChimer to the list. Else the OS will quickly kill the background process that does the chiming every halve hour.