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Manual Android

Main Page

Here you see the main page / info display.  It tells you the:

Ship’s Time,

GMT/UTC time,

Local Time (as of your device)

Current position if available (as of your device)

Day of the week (Ships Time),

Date (Ships Time)

What is the  current watch,


Watch Leader / Names on Watch

(freetext area)

A graphical display of watch (shift) progress


This page has 7 buttons at the bottom. 


“Settings” will bring you to a page for adjusting:

- First Watch start time.

- Length in hours of each watch/shift

- No of watches/shifts

- Ships Time offset to GMT/UTC

- Names of Watch Leaders or all people on watch

Chimer on / off


“” will bring you to our homepage on the web


“Service” indicates that  it starts a background service that will keep the bells chiming even after the screen times out or you move to a different application. 

If pressed it will change to “WakeUp” and the screen will come back to focus a minute before every halve and whole hour.

If pressed again it will change to “Stopped”, disabling the background service.


“Watches” will give you a list of watches and times for each watch / shift


“Manual” brings you to this webpage of the manual.


“EN” means the display is in English. Pressing this button will cycle through English-Norwegian-Danish-Swedish-German-French-Italian-Dutch-Chinese-Polish-Russian-Japanese-Hindi-Arabic and then cycle back to English again.



The volume of the chiming is controlled by the normal volume buttons of your device. Press volume up on your device then press the 3 dots and adjust the volume for “Media” (second from left) to desired level.


To ensure continuous background running on later versions of Android you will have to open; Android Settings - Battery and device care - Battery - Background usage limits - Never sleeping apps - and add MarineChimer to the list. Else the OS will quickly kill the background process that does the chiming every halve hour.