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Group List Page

Here you see the Group List Page.

This will only give updated data for the number of friends indicated by the front page’s “Updated” number.


The list consists of:

The group members name

When their position was last updated in GMT/UTC -


Distance this group member is from you and witch direction you have to move to get to them.


To help initial setup the “Time Updated” column will also give you advice on why you didn’t receive a position if the request failed:

“Imei not found”: No such Imei has been registered for GroupTracker(Trial) with

“Wrong-PasCode”: Imei ok but passcode wrong.

“No-Position-Found”: Imei and passcode ok but no position has ever been uploaded to for this device.



This page has 4 buttons at the bottom:


“Map” Will give you the GroupMap

“All” Means all groups. It gives you the option of listing the groups separately.


“Manual” will bring you to this page in the GroupTracker manual on the webpage


“GoBack” brings you back to the main page.


You can press any single group member and get just their position on a map.