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Manual Android

Group Settings Page

Here you see one of the 4 group settings displays.

It has 3 columns that can be edited. 


The first is the Group Member Name which is freetext.  If you enter “No” in this column this group member’s position will not be updated or listed.


IMEI is the IMEI number that is displayed on the main page of your friends GroupTracker(Trial).  Just under the GroupTracker(Trial) title at the top. (Not any other number he/she thinks the device has. The displayed number is the one GroupTracker(Trial) sees and uses.


Pas is the passcode that your friend registered for his/her

GroupTracker(Trial), displayed just after the IMEI number at the top of your friends GroupTracker(Trial)  main page.  (Not the sample pascodes we put in her for display purposes)



This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 

- “Save” for storing your updates

- “Group 1” displays the current group

- “Manual” brings you to this page in the manual

- “Cancel” cancels all changes and brings you back to the main page.


You can enter up to 8 friends details on this page, and there is 4 group pages giving the possibility of tracking up to 32 friends/family/cars/boats/trucks, or basically other mobiles with GroupTracker(Trial) installed.


PS: If you overwrite line 1 of group 1 the preinstalled  sample friend will no longer be displayed.