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Registration Page

Here you see the Registration Page.  After downloading GroupTracker you will need to register your Imei and preferred PassCode. 


For the Trial you just enter your preferred passcode in the Box and press register now.  The registration happens immediately, and You will have to wait for the response.  After positive confirmation you will have to exit GroupTracker and then start it again.


If you have purchased the non-trial GroupTracker you will in addition  have to enter your Google Play order number and your email address.  Registration for the paid version is not immediate, but you will have to wait for the registration request confirmation.  After confirmation we will get back to you asap.

 You can keep your old PassCode by leaving it unchanged it the PassCode box.  Handy if many of your friends already have it registered.

We recommend that you keep your old passcode for now allowing you to instantly register.  If you decide to change it, we will have to manually confirm the change and email you back.


When you have registered the “Request” button changes to and exit button that will restart GroupTracker and check the registration.


“Manual” Brings you to this page on


“Cancel” brings you back to the main page.