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 Manual iPhone


This is where you enter/changes the text of your greeting/message.


Greeting Name is how you identify the greeting when you select what greeting to use on the contacts and greet list pages.  It will also be used as the subject of your greeting/message.


Before Name is the text before the insertion by the program of the name of the recipient (contact) .


Before Date is the text before the insertion by the program of the date of the event celebrated (optional)

After Date is the text after same.


Before Signature is the text before the insertion of your DisplayName (optional)


There is 4 buttons for the optional insertions of:

To Name inserts the Contact Name

Date inserts the sending date

Signature your Display Name

Refresh will show you a sample of the greeting, and update that view when you make changes.


There is 3 buttons at the end of the page:

Manual brings you to this page of the manual on

Cancel just brings you to the previous page

The last larger button changes depending on if you are.

Creating a new event: Create Now

Changing an event: Update Now