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More Contacts

If you get this page up you have already created 3 contacts and now we would like a small one off contribution.

When you press “Find it on iTunes”  the cost will be displayed to you in the relevant currency (the equivalent of about 2.99cents+tax and you will then have to confirm your purchase. 

When you have done the purchase, the contact will be created automatically, or you can just press “Create Now” again on the Create Contact page and the contact  should register.  If any issues arise feel free to email with your query. 


IF you have already purchased this option, but lost it due to changing device or uninstalling/reinstalling the app, you can press the button Restore Purchases and your purchased option will be reconnected to your current device.


PS: If you proceed to register without paying, or later cancel your payment, and still succeed in creating another contact , it will be deleted without notification and you will be blacklisted.