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In the top list you will have all the bookings by the user who raised the query. Select one, then pick a route (if different from originally booked) and date. Press the button Find Departures. Then pick a departure from the lower left list and press Change Now. In the lower right list you will see a confirmation of the new reservation.


If it is a multi-passenger , all passengers will be rescheduled.


If it is a return booking you will have to reschedule each way separately, if required.




This page has 8 buttons at the bottom. 


“Cancel” Will bring you back to the Main Menu Page.


Contact Data”  Brings you to a page where you can view the MyData of the customer that raised the ticket.

Manual” brings you to this page of the MoonCBook manual on the website.

-“Save Now” Will send your query, or the reply/update, to the carrier.



This rescheduling is meant as a tool to comply with free rescheduling due to carrier caused circumstances. If you want to charge for rescheduling,  or offer it as a paid service,  the charge will have to be done separately through your payment provider system.