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Booking Summary

We have quickly checked that these fares are still available and if they are your selection of routing, dates and passengers will be displayed, together with the fares fees and total payable.



There are a T&C statement near the end of the page which also acts as a button leading you to said T&C’s



This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


“Cancel” Will bring you back to the previous page.




Manual” brings you to this page of the MoonCBook manual on the website.


-“Book Now” will bring you to the Payment Page where you can enter your payment details, or if this is a test/trial system just wait for the booking be auto-confirmed.



Any delays in proceeding may result in fares not any longer be available. Yes we check again after you press “Book Now” and before we bring you to the payment page.


Have your payment details ready for the payment page because you will have a limited time to effect your payment, or the booking  will cancel.