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Fleet Table

Here you see the Fleet Table View page where you get a list of your friends or basically anything that can carry a mobile, runs the MarineLoggerPlus and have given you their passcode to see their last position. 


First column displays “boat name”

Second column gives you date and time(gmt/utc) for the last update.

Pressing any of the boat names shoves you this boat  on


Third and Fourth column can be changed by the “DistCrse” or “Position” button (changes when pressed).



Third column gives you the Distance to this boat.

Fourth column gives you course from your position to this boat



Third column gives the Latitude.

Fourth column gives the  Longitude


There is Four buttons:

The “Map” button will visualize your fleet on a map.


The “Dist/Crse” button will change between a Distance and Course view, and a Position view for each boat.


The “Refresh” button refreshes the view.  There is no automatic refresh of this view since it includes a web request for your fleets current location.  (Web traffic is very small, just a few bytes for each refresh, but it is a use of your phones web connection)


The “Settings” button will bring you into the Fleet Settings page where you can enter the fleets individual boat names, imei numbers and pass codes.