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 Manual Android

Settings Page

Here you see the settings page where you can change the core  values:


Recording Interval. How often the main display updates and how often the data is save to file.



Save To Web Interval (Pro only)

Gives the possibility to save your position periodically to the web, allowing you (or others you give the pass code to) to later see your last recorded position

From once a minute up to once a day.

Default = 0 = no save to web

You will need to email your phones IMEI number to to get access to the web page.  In return you will receive a link with pass codes for each option.  Before emailing you will need to record some data so we can test your specific link before we send it to you.  We will only respond to emails from the email address registered to your Google Play account.

(Web updates create very little web traffic, just a few bytes each time).



Compass Display in Degrees or Traditional like N for North , NbNE,  and NE.


Position Display in Decimal or minutes. Remember that if it is in minutes the 2 first numbers after the comma will be the minutes and the res will be the seconds.


Distance and Speed displays in kilometers and kilometers per hour or miles and miles per hour or nautical miles and knots. 


Name of Boat


This phones Imei number.  You need to email this to so we can email you the link and passcode for your last position web access, and for your registration in your friends fleet settings.


This page has 4 buttons at the bottom:


“Save” will apply all the selected values to the current running service, and then bring you back to the Main Page.


“En 110” Displays the current language and MarineLogger version.


The “Manual” button brings you to this page in the manual on the website.


“Cancel” will bring you back to the Main Page without saving the selected values.