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Social Upload

This is the Upload to Social Media report page. 

You can disable this feature by setting “Upload to: No”  in the Settings page.


Name: from settings, can be edited

Activity: according to the speed, can be edited. 

Comment: enter anything

After editing these fields you will have to press the Refresh button.


Position is a detail you can leave in or take out of the report.  Just press to change.


Graph and Map button takes you to the full page graph or map

There is small samples of these graphs and maps at the bottom of the page. The full page graph and map gives you more details and options (also accessible via the main page Results button)


Manual brings you to this page of the manual.

Cancel brings you back to the main page.

Post to Facebook  will upload the text to your Facebook page.


If the small map is showing when you press Post to Facebook, that will be uploaded together with the text. And if the large map is showing, it will be uploaded.


First time you upload you will have to login to your Facebook page.

After that you might get a page that requests you to let ActionReporter post on your behalf.


Social Upload can only be accessed  at the end of a session, no historic uploads.  That way we keep the data fresh.  When you have run that marathon, report your achievement instantly.


From version 4.1 this feature uses Google Maps and require your device to use Android version 3 or higher. If you have upgraded and your device do not meet the requirements, you can still use the app by setting Upload To to No under Settings.