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Select Company

This page depends on whether you are accessing the MoonCBook app or a customer app

If you are on the MoonCBook trial and training app you will as in the picture see a list of

- our sample companies 1-3

- companies you have a stored login for

- the last other available companies


You can select one to explore and interact with.

 - or  you can create your own company to explore every part of the system


If you want to interact with a company already in the list, press it and enter your last and first name plus a password of your own choice.


If you want to create a new (and empty) company, you need to enter a company name and a 2/3 letter designator code for it, plus your first and last name and a password of your free choice.


If you have come from the customized app of a real travel company (not the MoonCBook app) you will only be able to create a login with basic customer access (and not a new company)  and will have to request any expanded access required through the Assistance page after logging in.


You will need to input your first and last name as these will be used as default on your bookings. And a password that will be encrypted and used for your interactions with the backend.

If you don’t login/create a login,

all further communication with the backend, and the app, will fail.



This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


“Cancel” Will bring you back to the Main Page, but if you hadn’t already done a selection the app will not be functional.


“-”EN” this button indicates the language MoonCBook is currently displayed in. Pressing it will cycle through the different languages available.


Manual” brings you to this page of the MoonCBook manual on the website.


-“Create/Register now/Login” will request the login with, or customer company, and when successful help you exit to the main menu page.



Your login details and passwords for all the companies you access, will be stored with the app on your device in encrypted form. If you uninstall the app they will  be lost. To login again as the same user if you reinstall the app you must remember your user number for that company, the name you used for logging in and your password.


If you create a new company, you are given full access and all later users that select to create a login for your company will automatically be granted access to the booking, Check In and Assistance modules only, on the Main Page.

Any further access, you will have to grant through the User Administration page.

If you accidentally remove your own admin access, there is no way of getting it back unless you have another user with admin access, or have paid for a fully functioning system and through that the helpdesk. See Pricing


If you select one of our Sample companies with single digit company numbers, you will be granted full viewing access to all modules in addition to the usual full access to the customer modules Booking, Check In and Assistance.



The list of companies will only hold the last 9000 created so if you are trying to access one not on the list you will have to enter it’s company number before logging in / creating a login.


All company names have to be unique.


If you have lost the file with your stored login credentials, sample if you have changed device and it was not transferred over, you will (after you have selected company) need to enter the use number of your account in addition to your fist and last name and password.  Else you will be given a new account without your previous bookings or access.



As you can see you can create a company for other to create a login for. If you create a login with a company not created by, you will give them access to all the data you enter. We can not guarantee for what purposes they will use those data.