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Manual iOs


You will need to create a schedule of flights/trips/tours your company will  opearate and  for which you can sell tickets. A schedule requires destinations, pairs (travel between destinations)  The schedule will be based on virtual transport units (to be assigned to real transport units on the day (or day before) And all this can be configured behind the Configure button.


You start by selecting one of the listed virtual transport units. Then select a pairing from the list which will be the first trip of the day. A suggested departure time will be displayed and this can be adjusted. Also select the days of the week (Sunday to Saturday) you want your schedule to operate. When happy press save and the trip will be assigned a schedule

number like 1-1-2


The start  time will be reset  to a time consistent of the end of the first leg plus whatever turnaround time you have set for that destinations.

This suggested departure time for the next leg can be adjusted (including to earlier than end of first leg making the schedule  unachievable but that would not be good for business)

Select your next leg (preferably starting in the same destination as the last one ended) and press Save



You can create / select between several different schedule versions and can publish a mixture of them.




This page has 4 buttons at the bottom. 


“Cancel” Will bring you back to the  Main Menu Page.


“Publish” Is where you publish the schedule leg by leg and make it available for bookings.

Manual” brings you to this page of the MoonCBook manual on the website.

-“Save Now” (If permission) Saves the leg to the schedule and calculates next possible start time.



Legs created cannot be deleted due to dependability if already published, but  a new one can be created instead. Or use a different version of the schedule and ignore that one.



Leg number assigned like 1-2-1 consists of

- the virtual transport unit type number

- a serial number for that type

- a leg number of the day

 -A schedule version number will be added the leg number when the published leg is displayed in other parts of MoonCBook like 1-1-2-1 which will also be printed on Boarding Cards.


You can have many different versions of a schedule for the same transport unit, which you can assign/publish for different dates / days of the week or times of the year a.s.o. But remember 1 physical transport unit can’t actually perform 2 different schedules at the same time.


You will yourself have to see to that all there is no inconsistencies of where one leg ends and the next leg starts or arrange suitable relocation trips in between. These relocation trips can be scheduled but if they are not published will not be available for the public to purchase seats on.


If you are on Android the days of the week will show as tick-boxes where a tick means a day that particular leg  s active. If you are using iOs active days will show in green and non-active in red.